Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

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When I started my journey as a life coach, I received quite a lot of resistance, both from myself and from others. There were tons of questions: “Are you qualified for this?”, “Are you sure you can help people?”, “You have just completed your degree in Communications. Why throw all that away to start a new career in a different field?”

The reasons to doubt myself were endless and they were coming at me from all angles. Luckily for me, I have an internal thermostat that has made me hardwired to chase my passion. It is the reason that I quit studying law when I was almost at the end of my degree. It is the reason I quit jobs that made me unhappy when others said it would be “safer” to stay. And most importantly, it is the reason I decided to become a life coach in the first place.

Despite this internal kill-switch, chasing my dreams has never been easy. It’s like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I, personally, cannot live a passion-less life without getting physically, mentally and emotionally sick but, at the same time, building a new business is always outside of anyone’s comfort zone.

The way I choose to see it is that despite the fact that both situations are tough, the prize of a life that is filled with everything I could hope to be and have sits outside the borders of my comfort zone, whereas inside my comfort zone there is just more of the same of what I already have. If I hope to grow as a person and achieve my true potential, I have to push myself past those borders. I have to try something new, particularly if it scares me, if it means a movement in the direction of what I want.

So I did. I coached.

At first, I was nervous and worried that I may do more harm than good. But that passion inside of me kept me moving forward. As I kept working, my confidence started to improve and I found a rhythm.

Then something magical happened: something inside of me woke up. This part of me, that was powerful beyond measure, took over and began to lead the process. As I began to trust myself more and more, doing the work became easier – almost natural. It just flowed from me in the most abundant way. To top it all off, my clients were also giving me the most incredible feedback without me even having to ask.

Having had a number of other “jobs” in my life, I can honestly say that no job can fulfil you the way your passion will. But you cannot uncover your passion or pursue it while you are hiding inside your comfort zone. So find the strength to step outside of that limiting box and begin to live the life that you were meant to.

Life truly does begin at the end of your comfort zone.

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