Why doesn’t romance last? Why can’t our relationships always have the kind of passion and fire that it had when couples first get together?


The truth is that it can – but it takes work.

When we first meet our partner, our attention is focused on the shiny, sexy and completely desirable new person in our lives. While we still need to go to work and buy groceries and pay bills, thoughts of our new obsession creep in to the mundane activities of our lives causing us to giggle mischievously to ourselves when no one is looking.

Fast forward a few years, that same person has become a regular feature of our lives. They are no less desirable to us than they were before and, if anything, time spent with them has cultivated a deep love that didn’t exist when we first met them. But the thoughts we have about them are no longer new and fresh. They now have to compete, on equal footing, with thoughts about work, chores, kids and the list goes on. And when bills need to be paid, deadlines need to be met, kids need to be taken care of, its no wonder that we decide our relationship with our partner can wait one more night. So, we put it off and put it off until eventually we aren’t in a loving and intimate marriage with our best friend, but we are merely existing alongside a long-lost acquaintance who shares certain responsibilities with us for life that we share in practice but not in heart.

It doesn’t have to be that way if we learn to prioritise our romantic relationships, not above everything else, but as one of the crucial areas of our lives that deserve our attention and our energy.

I work with clients to balance their romantic relationship needs with other priority areas in their lives. We uncover blocks that are preventing us from prioritising our relationships and create strategies to overcome them. Most importantly, we work on developing effective, loving and respectful communication between the partners so that, no matter what difficulty they are facing, they have the most important tool to assist them in working through it: communication.


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